KFS Student of the Month

KFS Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Student of the Month for January! Please scroll down the page to see all the students.



Alice G.

The middle school teachers at Kwangju Foreign School have selected Alice G.  as our Student of the Month.  Alice has a wonderful attitude towards learning.  She is always cheerful and helpful to peers and staff.  She showed incredible dedication, perseverance and determination in gaining the confidence and physical strength to run in this year’s cross country races.  Alice is a solid student, always completing her homework on time and doing her very best on all assignments.  On group projects she always willingly steps into a leadership position and works cooperatively with fellow students to produce a quality product.  Congratulations Alice, on being named KFS Middle School Student of the Month.



Daniel M


  Our first grade student of the month is Daniel M.  Daniel has shown great progress over the first semester of this year.  He is a good friend to his classmates and listens well in class.  Additionally, Daniel consistently completes his homework assignments and shows exceptional growth in the areas of both reading and spelling.  Keep up the great work




Brian O

Brian brings a lot of life and energy to the high school! He has positively contributed to his academic classes and puts forth a great amount of effort and produces quality work. He’s always willing to participate and keeps discussion going. Brian has a passion for art and stepped up as a leader in performing arts by taking on the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Congratulations, Brian!