2015 Sally Ledger Memorial Lecture

The Language of Mourning in Fin-de-Siècle Sculpture Professor Hilary Fraser (Lincoln, University of New York) The Sally Ledger Memorial Lecture is held to commemorate the […]

Frontiers of Fifteenth – Century Art

The conference concentrates on Central and Eastern Europe as rich and complex regions of critical importance in the modern world but whose artistic heritages are little known and little understood.

92nd Annual Honors Convocation

Students are selected by their schools and colleges to participate in the Honors Convocation. Students are eligible if they are graduating with: Honors Certificates Departmental […]

Bookish Event II at LC Library

In 2013 artist space Marrickville Garage organised a project based around the photo book called BOOKISH. BOOKISH II Event is an extension of that original concept, […]