Curriculum Overview

Kwangju Foreign School uses the Common Core and NextGen standards to guide our instruction. To see more details, please choose the grade level below.

Our Mission Statement

Kwangju Foreign School stands on the pillars of character and knowledge. We build well-rounded thinkers and problem solvers with a life-long love of learning. Supporting academic and personal needs, KFS strives for students to be effective communicators who can work individually and collaboratively. While strengthening Korean cultural ties and an understanding of their own identity, KFS strives to create active community members who will succeed in an increasingly globalized society.

The Cougar Core: KFS School-wide Learner Outcomes

At Kwangju Foreign School, not only do we want our students to demonstrate a range of academic skills, but we also want them to demonstrate the soft skills required to be successful members of their communities. With this in mind, we have established The Cougar Core, which is our list of schoolwide learner outcomes.


When a student completes their education at KFS, we strive for them to be…

    • critical thinkers 

    • self-directed learners 

    • proficient with technology 

    • effective communicators

    • socially active and culturally aware

This means that as students progress through each grade level and with each class they participate in, they will be assigned tasks and participate in activities that foster these five attributes. Keep that COUGAR CORE alive!

DMZ Trip

One of Kwangju Foreign School’s philosophical foundations is learning beyond the classroom. In April of 2019, Kwangju Foreign School’s middle school embarked on a trip that few have had the opportunity to experience. We ventured our way north to Seoul to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for a rare peak into North Korea. But our journey was not only the DMZ. During our two days in Seoul, we experienced delicious American and Mexican cuisine. As well, we visited the Korean War Memorial Museum in Seoul to experience some of Korea’s most historical moments. It was a great experience for both teachers and students!