2023 Summer School Program!

Please click on the image below to view the full program details. If you wish to register, click here to access and submit the registration form online. Alternatively, you can click on the image below (on the right), print it, and then fill it out. You have the following options to submit the completed form:

  • Fax it to 062-575-0902

  • Send it via email to secretary@kwangjufs.org

  • Submit it in person at Kwangju Foreign School (KFS)

Thank you!

아래 안내문 이미지를 클릭하여 프로그램 전체 내용을 확인해주세요. 온라인으로 등록하려면 여기를 클릭하여 신청서를 제출해주세요. 또는 아래 신청서 이미지를 클릭하여 (맨 오른쪽에 위치) 인쇄한 후 작성해주세요. 작성이 완료되면 아래의 방법 중 하나를 선택하여 제출할 수 있습니다:

  • 팩스로 제출:   062-575-0902
  • 이메일로 제출:   secretary@kwangjufs.org
  • 직접 방문하여 제출:   광주외국학교(KFS)에 방문하여 제출해주세요.


What’s for Lunch?

May Lunch Menu

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School Calendar

Keep up with all the happenings at Kwangju Foreign School.

Cougar Courier

Supply Lists and Handbooks

**Please note that the teachers may ask for additional supplies if needed**

Student Handbooks

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  • Grade 1/2 Grade 11
  • Grade 3/4 Grade 12
  • Middle School HS Electives
  • Grade 9 Grade 9

Gwangju Festivals

Due to coronavirus, most major events in the Gwangju area are postponed. As events are rescheduled and dates released, we will update this page. Thank you!